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Just for Starters

Crab Rangoons  Crisp wonton wrappers stuffed with our own herbed cream cheese filling and crab meat. Served with a yummy orange marmalade

Portobello Mushrooms   Sliced & fried, and served with a horseradish sauce.

Fried Pickles   Yeah, yeah we thought the same thing. But try them, they’re awesome!!

Stuffed Breadsticks   Golden brown breadsticks stuffed with cheese and served with marinara or ranch for dippin’

Queso Dip    Our homemade cheesy dip with roasted onions & bell peppers and a salsa mixture served with fresh corn tortilla chips

Mozzarella Sticks   Breaded, golden fried and served with ranch or marinara sauce

Feisty Feta Dip   Spiced-up Hummus, with pita chips

Hickory Smoked Wings   We slow smoke ‘em right here at the Draft House with natural hickory chips. Served with celery sticks and bleu cheese. Your Choice Hot, BBQ, Spicy Garlic or Asian Sensation.