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Welcome to the Draft House!

"LIKE" us on FACEBOOK, our page is called "Dewitt Draft House" OR just click on the blue button above and it will take you straight to our site so you can be updated with our weekend specials, upcoming events, and everything Draft House. 

Take a VIRTUAL TOUR of the Draft House, press the link below.  You will see arrows, click on them to move all around the restaurant, upstairs, downstairs (which is no longer rented out but thought we would leave it on here 'cause it's pretty cool), even the Ladies Room!! (don't worry, there's nobody in there). 

Other things you might not know about the Draft House...


*  We OWN Taco Tuesday.  We've been doing it for 35 years.   Back in 1982 when we opened the doors, we advertised (3) Tacos for a Buck on Tuesday's, gave it a name "Taco Tuesday", and it became an immediate hit.   It's grown to become a Dewitt institution.  Nobody cooks at home on Tuesday, everybody is at the Draft House.  Around 1990 we raised the price to $2 and for a short time renamed it Taco Twosday.  Around 2000 we changed it to $1.00 per taco. Fifteen years later we raised the price to $1.25 per taco and added the very popular and delicious Fish Taco for $2.25.  Probably more Taco Tuesday history than you counted on, but now you know. 

*  We are "Green".  Yeah, we know that gets thrown around alot for good marketing these days, but we truly CARE.  (Read Lansing State Journal article above).  We recycle and have been able to divert 50% of our waste from going to the landfill.  By replacing every water outlet in the buildiing and other efforts we have cut our water usage by 50%.  We only source sustainable fish, so feel good knowing your seafood selection at the Draft House is not only good for you, it's good for the environment.  We use only Fair Trade organic coffee (and it's excellent).  Wherever possible, we use products that have been manufactured from recycled paper and materials including our napkins, hand towels, office paper, menu paper...   We no longer use harsh toxic chemicals and we're finding new ways to make a difference all the time. 


Draft House phone 517-669-5206  


posted Feb 11, 2010


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